The wedding the form of changes

Wedding forms are changing , and this year, with the strengthening of environmental awareness , return to nature , the pursuit of authentic wedding form widely popular , seaside , beach , sun , fresh air and so will be the witness of an important element of the new sweet love more perfect romantic wedding atmosphere .

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city , return to the essence of life , so that the sea , the beach , the sun , the woods to witness the commitment of love , which should be the philosophy of today ‘s most fashionable , newcomers and guests wedding in a natural, fresh environment , not only will the body heart to relax and enjoy the moment , to find the origin of love , but will leave the memories of a lifetime . The reason why the beautiful scenery will attract many newlyweds come, It is also because of this pure romantic atmosphere and environment, is the best witness of love for them.

Diversified trend on the basis of the traditional wedding, wedding style and color. Drag elegant white wedding is still the mainstream , but with the rich wedding form , such as the emergence of underwater wedding, yacht wedding , beach wedding , garden wedding , the bride wedding dresses style and color will change with the wedding theme change , if you are a pursuit of individuality, pay attention to the perfect bride, Try professional design , tailored , for example, the beach wedding bride design with yarn strand bikini , the groom is completely freed from being installed , select the surface you can think , hemp casual clothing and even yarn material , matched with tropical garland high-grade white and blue wedding , the rainforests wedding can take the ” green fairy ” style .


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